The next Monthly Meeting is August 19 at 7pm on Zoom.
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At our July meeting we had some people meet in person at our MCDC Office as well as others on Zoom. We are evaluating this to see how things will be done for August. Stay tuned for more information about the August meeting.

New to Monroe County?
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A Big Thank You To Vermont.
In June the MCDC was receiving various amounts of contributions from ActBlue that were marked "VT for NEPA!". A little research turned up that a group in Vermont, Lean Left Vermont was raising money for 4 counties in NEPA and dividing it 4 ways for the month. Small amounts build up over time and these funds are greatly appreciated.
This money is a miracle coming at a time when our main source of fundraising, our MCDC Resource Guide was cancelled last year because of the COVID pandemic and losing our graphic designer.
As we documented here before, despite not meeting in person we still have monthly expenses for office rent and utilities. And we are still supporting our candidates with donations. So again Thank You Vermont and Thank You Lean Left Vermont.
Some Democratic clubs are back to in person meetings. 
Top of the Mountain Club
will meet in person at Blakeslee Park, Route 115 on Saturday July 17. Free picnic lunch at 1 pm, regular meeting at 2 pm
West End Democratic Association
will meet in person at home of a member in Effort at 7 pm Thursday July 22. Email Kathy at to verify you are coming for the address. 
Rep. Maureen Madden's Summer Picnic in Support of the 2021 Democratic Ticket, August 15. At the Roof Park, 293 Keokee Chapel Ln, Cresco, tickets here
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The newsletter includes what has been going on as well as what is coming up. Also actions you can do to participate in our party and our democracy.
The May Primary Election is now history.
In person counts and mail ballot totals can be viewed on the Monroe County website. Write In votes are counted and all write in totals are available here. It is with great pleasure that we announce that our write in candidate for County Treasurer, Lucas DeBartolo received 2,153 votes and will be on the November General Election ballot. Lucas is very qualified for this position with a degree in Finance and experience in the field working with non-profits. 
Democrats voted by mail at about three times the numbers of Republicans and twice the rate of Republicans and Independents and other parties combined. The statewide races and ballot question results can be viewed on the Pennsylvania Department of State website. 
Generally it was a very quiet day as expected for a municipal primary election. We had several calls asking if there was an election and where they needed to go to vote. Also quite a few calls asking who the Democrats were on their ballot they should vote for.
Voters in Coolbaugh, Barrett and Price Townships helped elect Marty Flynn in the Special Election for the 22nd State Senate. For everyone else who won in this primary it's on to the November 2nd General Election.
Thanks to all our candidates, all our poll greeters, all the folks who work the long day at the polls to help people vote and to everyone who participated in our election by exercising their right to vote. If you have any personal experiences you would like to relate on your election day experience please comment on our Facebook page.


Official Statement from the MCD

We, the members and officers of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, are committed to fighting against racial injustice.
We, and the candidates we support, will work tirelessly every day to ensure our country lives up to the ideals and founding principles set forth in the United States Constitution.
The members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee are heartbroken by the loss of George Floyd’s life and the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless unnamed others. We hope you will join us in taking direct action to root out the poison of systemic racism, because so long as Black men, women and children “can’t breathe”, we cannot rest. Complicity costs lives, and it will take all of us working together to fix this.   
Please consider donating to the MCD this year. We rely on our local donors to support our candidates and pay the bills. It's safe and easy right here!
 The MCD support LGBTQ rights and welcomes everyone, always!


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