Official Statement from the MCD

We, the members and officers of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, are committed to fighting against racial injustice.
We, and the candidates we support, will work tirelessly every day to ensure our country lives up to the ideals and founding principles set forth in the United States Constitution.
The members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee are heartbroken by the loss of George Floyd’s life and the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless unnamed others. We hope you will join us in taking direct action to root out the poison of systemic racism, because so long as Black men, women and children “can’t breathe”, we cannot rest. Complicity costs lives, and it will take all of us working together to fix this.
The general election is November 3rd
PA has no-excuse mail in ballots - get yours in the fall and return it promptly

Here are some great places to get reliable information about the Coronavirus. You can also check these local resources for help with COVID-19 issues.

Please consider donating to the MCD this year. We rely on our local donors to support our candidates and pay the bills. It's safe and easy right here!
 The MCD support LGBTQ rights and welcomes everyone, always!


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