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There is a Special Election for State Senator on the May 18th Primary Ballot.

This is for the 22nd State Senatorial District which in Monroe County includes Barrett, Coolbaugh, Price Townships. Our Democratic candidate selected by the Democratic Committee members of Lackawanna, Luzerne and Monroe counties is Rep. Marty Flynn. This seat was held by Senator John Blake, who resigned to take a position on Congressman Matt Cartwright's staff. If you can help with informing voters about this special election, the Democratic party is running phone banks. Your support would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks to our Newsletter Team,
Lois, Anne and Judy.

If you want to know what is going on with the MCDC you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter by sending an email with your name to newsletter@ The newsletter includes what has been going on as well as what is coming up. Also actions you can do to participate in our party and our democracy.

Office or no office.
For the past year the MCDC has been paying rent and other ongoing expenses (phone, Internet, electric, etc) for our office at 18 S. 9th Street in Stroudsburg. Last March we had no idea the COVID crisis would be going on for over a year. While we have moved to Zoom meetings we are now talking about what we will do in the future. Should we continue to have a physical presence in the county? Or just go back to holding meetings in public spaces when it is safe to do so again?
We still use the space when needed for things like printing/mailing projects and for storing all the items we use for public events like the parades and festivals we hope to return to in the future. What would help us in making this decision would be comments from our fellow Democrats and also an ongoing funding stream to pay for our monthly costs. If many people gave just $5 or $10 a month via recurring donations we could either keep our current office space or even consider something larger to handle our ever growing participants in a safer space. We receive no funds from the DNC, the State party or from candidates. In fact we help fund candidates with what little we do raise and to be honest the past year has been devastating to all our normal fundraising projects like our Annual Resource Guide. 
Thank you for supporting your local Democratic party.  
The Primary Election is May 18.
Thank you to the many Democrats who turned in their nominating petitions before the March 9 deadline--97 candidates in total for County Coroner, Magisterial District Justice, School Director, Tax Collector, Township Supervisor, Auditor, Borough Mayor, Council Member, Judge of Election, Inspector of Election.
Candidates for Magistrate and School Director cross-file--Democrats appear in the Republican column on the ballot, and Republicans appear on the Democratic side. Click on the link above to learn the names of the true Democrats in those races.
If you see a position where no Democrat is listed, (there is not a single Democrat running for Constable--an important position, especially at polling places on election days) it's not too late to have your name appear on the November ballot---on May 18, ask Democrats to write in your name for the position you want. Contact your county Party for information and assistance.
Thanks to all those who joined us Wednesday, January 20th for our MCD Inauguration Watch Party.
We heard from Representatives Matt Cartwright and Susan Wild, State Representative Maureen Madden and Lt. Governor John Fetterman. A truly beautiful day even though we couldn't be there in person.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2021


 There are 4 Questions on the May 18th Primary ballot.
The first 2 are a power grab during a statewide emergency by the Republicans in the state legislature.
 “HB 55 would hinder our ability to respond quickly, comprehensively and effectively to a disaster emergency by requiring any declaration to be affirmed by concurrent resolution of the legislature every three weeks. This would force partisan politics into the commonwealth’s disaster response efforts and could slow down or halt emergency response when aid is most needed.

“A disaster response could be hamstrung by lack of action by the legislature (or by the disaster itself, if it were severe enough to stop the legislature from meeting) and the executive branch would have no certainty that disaster response measures put in place would remain past this short, arbitrary deadline.

“This is the latest in a long line of efforts by Harrisburg Republicans to undermine the current COVID-19 disaster declaration, after every one of them voted to end the disaster emergency last session but were unsuccessful. So, now they are attempting to amend the Constitution to get their way.

“Premature termination or non-renewal of the current COVID-19 disaster emergency will be disastrous for the commonwealth. It will undo all of the progress that has been made in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and saving the lives of Pennsylvanians and put the commonwealth in a poor position to address another resurgence.

“If the House GOP is successful, Pennsylvania would be the only state without some type of emergency in place for COVID 19, and could lose out on federal funding for businesses and individuals in future COVID-19 relief packages.

“The Pennsylvania Constitution is the cornerstone of our democracy. Indeed, the Republicans’ effort demonstrates that we need to rethink the very way that our Constitution is amended. No political party should control when and how our governing charter is changed. The citizens of the commonwealth should have that direct power. Make no mistake, these actions are thinly veiled power grabs and an attack on the other branches of government and on democracy itself, and I will oppose these efforts through every means possible.”

Third Constitutional Ballot Question

Vote YES on the 3rd Amendment that asks the question "Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended by adding a new section providing that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of an individual’s race or ethnicity?" You don't see any Republicans calling for people to support that. Only the ones that give these corrupt power hungry hacks more power. It isn't perfect as it just applies to race and ethnicity but it is a long overdue step toward protecting equal rights in our Commonwealth.

The 4th statewide ballot referendum question on the May 18th Primary Ballot.
Pennsylvania Question 4, the Municipal Fire and EMS Services Loans Measure, is on the ballot in Pennsylvania as a legislatively referred state statute in May 18, 2021.
A "yes" vote supports expanding the state's loan program for volunteer fire companies and ambulance services to also include municipal fire companies and EMS services.

Thank You to everyone who volunteered for the 2020 election.

We need people to greet and watch at the polls every election. Same for those who canvass, phone and text voters. Please get involved with your local county Democratic Party to help get our candidates elected. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out how you can stay involved.  In 2021 we will have local elections for county and municipal offices. Please consider running for office. 

You can find the vote counts on the Monroe County Election site or on the Pennsylvania Department of State Election Website.


Official Statement from the MCD

We, the members and officers of the Monroe County Democratic Committee, are committed to fighting against racial injustice.
We, and the candidates we support, will work tirelessly every day to ensure our country lives up to the ideals and founding principles set forth in the United States Constitution.
The members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee are heartbroken by the loss of George Floyd’s life and the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless unnamed others. We hope you will join us in taking direct action to root out the poison of systemic racism, because so long as Black men, women and children “can’t breathe”, we cannot rest. Complicity costs lives, and it will take all of us working together to fix this.   
Please consider donating to the MCD this year. We rely on our local donors to support our candidates and pay the bills. It's safe and easy right here!
 The MCD support LGBTQ rights and welcomes everyone, always!


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