The following list of elected positions in Monroe County was adapted from the work of Betty Terrell-Cruz of the Top of the Mountain Democratic Club.

Auditors are elected to four-to six-year terms. They are responsible for reviewing the revenues and expenses of the townships. 

Boroughs are self-governing. The four boroughs in Monroe County (Mount Pocono, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap) each has its own elected government consisting of a Council, a Mayor, and an appointed town manager or administrator. Borough councils in Monroe County each have 7 members with four- year overlapping terms. 

Clerk of Courts is elected to a four-year term; the office is responsible for preparing and maintaining court records for criminal cases, and carries out many of the same functions as the Prothonotary does for civil actions. In Monroe County one elected official acts as both the Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts. 

Constables in PA are local elected officials and serve six-year terms in service to the PA Magisterial courts. Constables are peace officers and assist in serving the Common Pleas Court when requested by the Sheriff. 

Controller has a four-year term, manages fiscal affairs of the County to ensure that finances are administered, recorded and reported in a legal and timely manner. Duties include payroll, review and processing of all county bills, and overseeing grants from state and federal sources. 

Coroner is a four-year elected position. The Coroner responds to scenes of death, interviews witnesses, examines the scene and removes the body from the scene. The office investigates certain types of deaths, especially when sudden, violent, unexplained or suspicious, to determine the cause and manner of death. 

County Government is administered by a board of three Commissioners with four- year terms, the Commissioners act in legislative and executive capacities. Their role is to administer human service programs, conduct land use planning, maintain county property, and oversee the County Correctional Facility, the Housing Authority, Vector Control, zoning and conservation. 

District Attorney serves as chief law enforcement officer for the County. This four-year elected position is responsible for prosecuting crimes and providing investigations for local police. 

Inspector of Elections holds a four-year term, specifically elected for the purpose of working the elections. There are two Inspectors of Elections per polling place (precinct) who are each elected to a four year term. The Inspectors assist the Judge of Elections in the conduct of the Election on election day.

Judge of Elections holds a four-year term, specifically elected for the purpose of working the elections. The Judge of Elections has direct control of the polling site and is assisted by inspectors, clerks, machine operators and a Constable. Each precinct has its own Judge of Election who is in charge of the polling place on election day. 

Magisterial District Courts have jurisdiction over civil claims where the disputed amount is less than $12,000, landlord/tenant disputes, Summary Offenses, and minor criminal matters. All Misdemeanor and Felony criminal cases are initially filed in the Magisterial District Courts. There are 9 Magisterial District judges in Monroe County, each elected to a 10-year term. 

Monroe County Court of Common Pleas of the 43rd Judicial District is a state trial court with jurisdiction in serious criminal and civil cases of more than $7,000. It hears appeals from lower (magistrate) courts and appeals of decisions of state and government agencies. The President Judge supervises magisterial justices and their administration. There are 6 judges, including the P.J., elected to 10-year terms. 

Prothonotary is elected to a four-year term, maintains court records including liens, judgments and divorce actions as well as civil and equity files. This office collects filing fees, issues receipts, certifies court documents, and issues passports. 

Public Defender (Chief Public Defender) is appointed by the County Commissioners; the office represents individuals who are charged with state crimes and cannot afford an attorney. Services are paid for by the taxpayers of Monroe County, and eligibility for representation is based upon the gross income level of the applicant, applying the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

Recorder of Deeds is a four-year elected position; the office acts as a collection agent for realty transfer tax for the State, municipalities and school districts. It funds the archiving and historical preservation of county land records. 

Register of Wills is a four-year elected position which provides various services such as the probate of decedent estates, collection of inheritance taxes and maintenance of records pertaining to estates. In Monroe County one elected official acts as both the Recorder of Deeds and Register of Wills. 

School Districts are four in number in Monroe County – Pleasant Valley, Pocono Mountain, East Stroudsburg, and Stroudsburg. Each district is administered by a School Board consisting of nine members elected to 4-year terms, with staggered terms every two years. 

Sheriff is a four-year elected position, provides law enforcement and security to County courts. The Sheriff also executes civil complaints, summons, evictions, protection from abuse orders, and criminal warrants. 

Tax Collectors serve a four-year term and, through municipal authority, collect all real estate taxes (County, municipal and school) for all properties within the boroughs and townships. 

Townships are usually the first stop for residents who seek information or action on their issues. First-class townships have five commissioners, three elected for terms of four years each, and two for terms of two years each. Second-class townships may have three or five supervisors and they are elected to six-year terms. 

Township Supervisors are responsible for health and safety of residents. Duties include zoning, planning and land use, land acquisition, police and fire protection, roads and bridges, snow removal, parks and recreation, storm water management, and libraries. 

Treasurer is elected to a four-year term and is responsible for receiving, receipting and disbursing County monies. This office also serves as State agent for providing dog, hunting and fishing licenses. 

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