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Why Rosemary Brown is 'Poison’ to Latinos and Latinas

Mrs. Rosemary Brown is impeccably groomed, wears smart business suits and is blessed with a charming disposition.  She is also pretty poisonous to Latinos and Latinas in Pennsylvania.  She should not be allowed to return to Harrisburg as a representative in 2015.

            I strongly object to her reelection because of the way she sought to take away the vote of U.S. citizens at the election booth.  I refer, of course, to her enthusiastic defense of the so called “Voter ID Law” that was found unconstitutional by the courts.  At a session held before the 2012 election at the Monroe Public Library, Brown sat alongside her busy-body mentor, Mario Scavello, and tried to defend the indefensible.  The conversation was focused on Latinos and Latinas as made clear by the session’s sponsor, the Hispanic Republicans of the Poconos.  I was one of a committed group of Democrats confronting these two about the error of their ways. 

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