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You've Been Scammed!!!

It must be very embarrassing to admit to being the victim of a scam. Scams come in so many forms and the Internet is well known for many. Remember the Nigerian Prince? They come in phone calls, emails, door knocks, in the mail.

It takes a certain bravery to admit if you’ve been scammed, cheated, tricked.

I ask those who follow Jesus to do a reality check to be sure they haven’t been scammed by those who use his name and teachings incorrectly. The scam of the pulpit.

What, exactly, did Jesus say about homosexuality? What did He say about abortion? Go ahead, check it out. The answer is: nothing. He said nothing. Now, don’t start quoting from Leviticus because that’s the OLD Testament. All the crazy stuff is in there. From stoning people, to forbidding tatoos, there are 76 things banned in this book. Do you think maybe Jesus was trying to tone that stuff down?

What did Jesus really preach? Mostly caring for the poor, kindness, love, forgiveness, brotherhood and mercy. Sound familiar?

I’m not saying if you oppose abortion you must change your position. But what I am saying is if you are following Jesus, follow his actual words. Stop obsessing about gay people and the fetus and start loving and caring for people.

So why have certain people used Jesus’ name to trick you? Who benefits? In making you think you are being a ‘good’ Christian in hating those gays and abortions, they are distracting you from their true purpose – the heart of the scam. They are depriving you of health care and education. They are cheating you of a living wage. They are taking the money (your money) and running with it. The scammer creates a diversion for you to look at, it’s the oldest trick in the world. Just asked any sleight of hand artist.

And its not just preachers asking for money for their private jets, it’s politicians, too. Quick – look at the show! Kim Davis! Donald Trump! Muslims are bad! All lives matter (duh!) War on Christmas! We’re being persecuted (although Christians are 70% of the US population)

I encourage us all to open a dialogue about this. It’s really worth it. Some will have a difficult time, of course, if you challenge them on those specific issues, but people are beginning to see the light.  Let’s help them do that.

And while some Catholics are even turning against the Pope – who would have thought that would happen - because he is pointing out the hypocrisy, others are opening their ears to his message. Ask yourself: who is closer to the teachings of Jesus: Jimmy Carter or Mike Huckabee. Let their deeds show you the answer.

I was wrong about Republicans
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