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Want to help?

People keep contacting us asking how to help. It all depends on what you are comfortable doing. Here are some ways people can help your Democratic party and our candidates.

We need poll observers on election day to watch the polls and see if anyone is being denied their right to vote. We never have enough people to cover all the polls in a normal year so this election is really challenging. We have voter protection attorneys for our county who will be available to help if a legal issue comes up. If it is a voter intimidation issue then the police need to be called. But someone has to be there to call.

If you are interested in poll observing/poll watching (need a certificate from the county to enter a polling place to be a poll watcher) contact us at or call 570-421-2400 and leave a message.

If you can volunteer to drive people to the polls, to the county election office or to drop off boxes around the county (BUT AS OF WRITING THIS, THE ACTUAL BOXES HAVE NOT BEEN DELIVERED YET) you also can contact us at or by phone 570-421-2400 to sign up.

An easy way to help is to donate to a campaign or to volunteer for a candidate and do phone calls or texting.  You can find all our candidates on our website: You can contact the campaigns directly, here's a list:

2020 Campaign Contacts:
Monroe County is divided among 3 people for the Victory2020 PA Dems Coordinated campaign which is for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, our statewide candidates: Josh Shapiro, Attorney General; Nina Amahd, Auditor General; Joe Torsella, State Treasurer; Our Congresspeople Susan Wild (PA7) and Matt Cartwright (PA8) as well as our State Representative candidates: Rep. Maureen Madden, 115th State House District; Claudette WIlliams, 176th State House District; Adam Rodriguez, 189th State House District.

For the Coordinated Campaign, you can donate online here  

Johnny Palmadessa 570-534-3502
 Regional Organizing Director for Northeast PA

Hannah Gavin,
organizes in Monroe and is responsible for: 
East Stroudsburg Stroud Township Stroudsburg Delaware Water Gap
Smithfield & Middle Smithfield Paradise Price.

Cheryl Baker (610) 248-0414
is responsible following precincts in Monroe:
Coolbaugh Mount Pocono Tobyhanna Township Barrett

Justin Lotito 570-972-4646
is responsible for following precincts in Monroe:
Eldred Hamilton Ross Chestnuthill Jackson Pocono Polk Tunkhannock

Susan Wild 7th District Congressional Campaign you can donate online here.
Emily Byrne, field director,
Jess Lindsay, Field Organizer - PA-07, (650)-656-7478.

Matt Cartwright 8th District Congressional Campaign you can donate online here.
Field Manager David Baumel (570) 392-9706

Claudette Williams 176th District House of Representatives Campaign
 you can donate online here. or
David Rivenbark, campaign manager,

Maureen Madden 115th District House of Representatives Campaign you can donate online here. (570) 420-2850

Adam Rodriguez 189th District House of Representatives Campaign you can donate online here. (570) 807-9729 570-216-6210

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