Mark Dodel, BSN, MBA, RN (retired)

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Vote the straight Democratic Ticket this November 3rd and stop the electoral cheating.

What a great time at our annual MCDC Banquet at the Shawnee Inn this past Saturday October 10th.  

We heard from all our county wide candidates and then Congressman Matt Cartwright energized us with his speech about how bad things are in the Capitol now and how much Pennsylvania needs to stop Gerrymandering in 2020 by getting our 3 Democratic candidates for PA Supreme Court.  While there are about a million more Democrats in Pennsylvania, Republicans have 13 of Pennsylvania's 18 US House seats.  And our guest speaker was Judge Christine Donohue, one of our three Democratic candidates for the PA Supreme Court who reiterated how important and historic this election is.  
It will be the PA Supreme Court who chooses the commission member who decides how the state will be redistricted.  This is the most important election in the entire nation this year.  If you have never voted in an non-Presidential election, this is the year to do it.  Vote the straight Democratic Ticket and stop the electoral cheating.  


You've Been Scammed!!!
If we’re attacked while a Republican is in office,...


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