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Time to beat the drums of Dem achievements

My experience of the political process in Monroe County tells me that publicizing the party’s delivery of goods and services via posters, signs, ads and commercials would be far more effective in inducing voters to vote Democratic, compared to emphasizing the candidate’s qualifications.

The mental associations the moderate electorate carry with the word Democrat may be dated, obsolete, but they are strongly held in spite of evidence to the contrary. The challenge, for us, of course, is to challenge those images.

What could possibly shake up those images in the MAGA folks’ minds? 

Probably not even the facts. At least not immediately. But, over time, they do have to accept the reality. Like Social Security benefits. Not even Trump could lay a glove on it. Bush could not do anything about the progressive income taxation we have, either. It benefited people, and a new tax system was an unknown devil.

The popularity of ACA speaks for itself. If allowed to grow, it’d become like the Social Security programs -- that possibility was the right wing’s worst fear, and the reason why they tried to squelch it. A hundred times they voted against it in the House, to no purpose.

ACA has bounced back, and growing. It should develop a constituency of its own. Along with the ACA, Mr. Biden’s near conquest of the pandemic speaks loudly for itself. Add to that the strength and expected longevity of our booming economy -- have we got wind in our sails! Or what?

Still, we must run scared. American democracy is under great stress, although it is far, far greater than the one imagined by the Trumpist opportunists -- the left-behind losers in search of a revived white privilege. Dream on, that’s all one can say.

To summarize:

Pushing the party’s tangible achievements would win more hearts and minds for the Dems than proclaiming who the Democratic candidate is. See, in Israel’s kind of democracy, or that of the U.K., the party and its policies are more important than the party candidates.  

Poll greeting and watching seem far more important in urban areas than in the rural ones.

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