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Attention constituents of PA District 176

The following was posted on our MCDC Facebook Post. People need to hold their legislators accountable:

A group of people from the 176th district, led by Peggy Walsh from Fair Districts PA, asked several times to meet with Rep. Jack Rader to discuss the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA), House Bill 22 and Senate Bill 222. As detailed below, no meeting occurred. The following letter to the editor is being sent to the Pocono Record, signed by seven people from District 176.
Additionally, with a few tweaks, we sent the same letter directly to Rep. Rader. If you live in the 176th, please feel free to copy the letter below and send your own version to Rep. Rader [Address: 2785 PA-115, Effort, PA 18330]. It should not be too much to ask for a brief personal meeting (in person, by phone, Zoom, etc.) with our state representative to discuss an issue that affects everyone in PA.
In March, Fair Districts PA embarked on a March toward Transparency campaign in which volunteers requested meetings with their own state representatives and senators in every district in Pennsylvania.
Most of our Pennsylvania legislators have been gracious. If they were too busy to meet themselves, they made sure that their constituents had the opportunity to meet with staff members. To date, many PA legislators have taken the time to listen to constituents share concerns about gerrymandered districts and splintered counties and municipalities. As a result of those meetings, many legislators agreed to sign on as co-sponsors of the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA), House Bill 22 and Senate Bill 222. Other legislators asked for more information. Some have continued in email conversation with constituents. Some have elected not to co-sponsor and have provided their reasons. We are grateful to ALL these legislators for taking time to listen to their constituents.
Sadly, our legislator Representative Jack Rader, District 176, has refused two of our requests to meet with him, and actually, implied that it was too late to consider the LACRA reform bill because the process had already started. We respectfully pointed out that Rep Rader was incorrect in this assumption, and made a third request to meet with his legislative aid if he was too busy for his constituents. Our third request was ignored, even though we offered to wait until the end of April.
Our legislative districts will be redrawn this year. Before that occurs, we want the opportunity to explain why we need new rules to ensure fair maps. This issue is critically important, and we want Representative Rader to represent us. We don’t want our maps to be gerrymandered again by either major political party.
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