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Time to beat the drums of Dem achievements

My experience of the political process in Monroe County tells me that publicizing the party’s delivery of goods and services via posters, signs, ads and commercials would be far more effective in inducing voters to vote Democratic, compared to emphasizing the candidate’s qualifications.

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Peace Corps at 60 -- Inside the Volunteer experience

What's the Peace Corps future? During 2020, all volunteers came home. There's a big question mark as to whether the Camelot era ideals, goals still hold.

Here's a summation of a sort:

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Racism in America - A New Dimension

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Indian-American U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Interviewed

POWER COMES TO THOSE WHO THINK THEY HAVE POWER, and act according. That was the conclusion reached by a seminar class during my MA-level social studies, way back in 1979.  We were about 10 students sitting around a table, presided by the professor, discussing an opinion survey conducted in a part of Chicago in which people were asked whether they thought they had the power to influence the local government. 

The survey results showed that those who said that they believed they had no power to challenge the government, actually never participated in the political system, thus they had no power. Those who believed they personally could do something about a public problem, they actually attained influence in real life. So, if you act as if you have power, and act accordingly, you do attain power. If you think you are helpless, you will not exercise control over your life, either.

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A Quick Look at BLM History

The phrase “black lives matter” was coined in July 2013 in a Facebook post by Alicia Garza. A friend of hers created a hashtag on Twitter and it took off. I am summarizing an article in the New Yorker magazine (July 27,2020) that itself was first published in March 2016 by its staff writer Jeelani Cobb.

Garza, now 35, is a labor organizer in Oakland, CA, the daughter of a black woman and a Jewish stepfather, and grew up in Marin County.

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Lois Heckman
Good history. To explain what BLM means to people who say All Lives Matter - i say this: Of course all lives matter, but since... Read More
Tuesday, 28 July 2020 13:23
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Hurry up, November 2020!

Kansas Land Rush

Speaking both as an immigrant who has lived his American dream, and as an appropriator of the American heritage, from William Penn and his Quakerism to the can-do spirit of the John Kennedy times, through the civil rights and women’s rights movements, I can say with confidence that the American idealism, its exceptionalism in terms of an unrelenting desire for self-correction as a society, is alive and well.

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