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"Everyone makes a difference."

It's About The Supreme Court !

I’ll keep this short, because it’s really simple. You can argue all you want about Bernie vs Biden, or why someone who was your preferred candidate didn’t get the nomination, and you’re not a happy camper. But there is one thing you can’t argue about, and it is this: The next presidential election will determine the future of the Supreme Court. If you care about:

  • abortion rights
  • marriage equality, gay rights and transgender rights
  • dreamers and immigration
  • gun reform
  • religion in schools and government, and discrimination in the workplace (aka: Seperation of Church and State)
  • the environment, pollution, public lands
  • food safety 
  • voting rights

and many, many other issues  – you must (as they say) Vote Blue No Matter Who.

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Let's see how we like it.

Dear Trump voters: We’ll find out how much you really like what you voted for when the daughter of a Republican dies from a back-alley abortion… or, your daughter or granddaughter can no longer get affordable birth control.

When the air quality in your city begins to look like Beijing and you wear a mask going to work.

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You've Been Scammed!!!

It must be very embarrassing to admit to being the victim of a scam. Scams come in so many forms and the Internet is well known for many. Remember the Nigerian Prince? They come in phone calls, emails, door knocks, in the mail.

It takes a certain bravery to admit if you’ve been scammed, cheated, tricked.

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