Monroe County Voting Districts

United States Congressional Districts

 Following are current Districts in place since 2012:

10th Congressional District: 
The Townships of Barrett, Price , Paradise, Pocono, Jackson, Stroud (Dist. 02, 03 AND 04), and the Boroughs of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Mt. Pocono.

17th Congressional District: 
The Townships of Coolbaugh, Tobyhanna, Tunkhannock, Chestnuthill, Polk, Eldred, Ross, Hamilton, Stroud (Dist. 01, 05, 06 AND 07), Smithfield, Middle Smithfield and the Borough of Delaware Water Gap.

 Following are the NEW 2018 Districts ordered by the PA Supreme Court:

7th Congressional District: The Townships of Eldred, Hamilton, Ross, Smithfield  (Dist. 02 and 03), 
Stroud and the Boroughs of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap.

8th Congressional District:  The Townships of Coolbaugh, Barrett, Chestnuthill, Jackson, Middle SmithfieldParadise, Pocono, Polk, Price, Smithfield (Dist. 01)
, Tobyhanna, Tunkhannock, and the Borough of Mt. Pocono.

Pennsylvania State Legislative Districts

If you know your Voting Poll Location, you can see which legislative districts you are in at our Polling Places page.

PA Senate Districts

The following State Senatorial Districts became effective in January 2015.

PA Senate Redistrict MapDISTRICT 22 - Barrett, Coolbaugh, Price Townships.

DISTRICT 40 - Chestnuthill, Eldred, Hamilton, Jackson, Middle Smithfield, Pocono, Polk, Paradise, Ross, Smithfield, Stroud, Tobyhanna, Tunkhannock Townships. Delaware Water Gap, East Stroudsburg, Mt Pocono, Stroudsburg Boroughs.

PA House Districts

The following PA House districts became effective in January 2015.

PA House Redistrict MapDISTRICT 115 - Coolbaugh, Paradise, Price, Stroud (District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Townships, East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg Boroughs
DISTRICT 176 - Chestnuthill, Eldred, Jackson, Pocono,
Polk, Tobyhanna, Tunkhannock Townships, Mt Pocono Borough.
DISTRICT 189 - (Monroe County) Barrett, Hamilton, Middle Smithfield, Ross, Stroud (District 7), Smithfield Townships, Delaware Water Gap Borough.

                         - (Pike County) Delaware, Lehman, Porter Townships

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