President Obama is now the Great Emancipator for Immigrants 

         El Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club, founded in the Poconos in 2011 to offer a political voice for the Latino population, welcomes President Obama’s Executive Order of November 20, 2014. God’s law and the Natural Law dictate that children should stay united to their parents. We praise President Obama for recognizing that the current immigration laws fly in the face of the religious principles upon which the Republic was founded.

            This decisive and bold action of President Obama invokes the time-honored legal principle of “prosecutorial discretion” to benefit as many as 5 million persons who no longer will have to live in the shadows. He has asserted that family values take precedence in the United States of America because this republic has always cherished immigrants and the talents they bring. He has challenged Latinos and Latinas to act with accountability and to take personal responsibility for our actions. This is true to the American tradition that we have embraced and we promise to rise to the President’s expectation.

            We welcome this strong leadership from our president. We laud his courage in the face of vicious political attacks from his enemies who are also the enemies of our people and the greatest of American traditions. Just as Abraham Lincoln of Illinois was the Great Emancipator of African Americans by his executive order more than a century ago, history will likely recognize that Barack Obama has earned the title of “Great Emancipator for Latinos and Latinas.”

            While we praise President Obama for acting on our behalf, we express disdain for the irresponsible cowardice of Speaker Boehner in the House of Representatives who did not allow the bi-partisan Senate bill to come to a vote that assuredly would have reflected the will of the American people to reform a broken system. Likewise, we condemn the angry voices attempting to stigmatize all people of Latin American heritage as “aliens.” As inheritors of the Spanish colonists who tamed the wilderness and built cities in the United States before there was a United States, we proclaim the principle that in our America there is “freedom and justice for all.” We ask that every person who professes loyalty to the basic principles of American democracy embrace this moment as one of the historic events in our nation’s history.

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