The Latin American Political Action Committee

El Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club is incorporated as a not-for-profit Political Action Committee, so that its legal name is “El Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club: The Latin American Political Action Committee.”   
The goals of the club are to:
  • Offer advocacy for issues affecting the Hispanic and Latino peoples of Monroe County, Pennsylvania.
  • Sponsor education in community and civic affairs.
  • Register Hispanic and Latino peoples to exercise their rights to vote
  • Defend the rights to cultural expression for the people.
  • Cooperate with other civic, educational, religious and community groups to foster the advancement of the people.
  • Work with the Democratic Party of State and Nation so that the needs of the Spanish-speaking people of Monroe County are addressed.

President Obama is now the Great Emancipator for ImmigrantsEl Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club, founded in the Poconos in 2011 to offer a political voice for the Latino population, welcomes President Obama’s Executive Order of November 20, 2014. God’s law and the Natural Law dictate that children should stay united to their parents. We praise President Obama for recognizing that the current immigration laws fly in the face of the religious principles upon which the Republic was founded. (read more)



Our Issues:(English)

La Causa Nuestra:

                          LEADERSHIP - LA DIRECTIVA
President - Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo - Presidente
First Vice-President - Maria Román - Primera Vice-Presidenta

Second Vice-President - Antonio Rodríguez - Segundo Vice-Presidente

Treasurer - Adam Rodríguez - Tesorero



At the MCDC Meeting on October 16, 2014

––Anthony Stevens-Arroyo introduced the Latino/Latina agenda for November 2014 and requested that it be included on our website. Everyone received a handout entitled “Seven Common Issues and One Special Initiative for Pennsylvania’s Latinos and Latinas.”
Moved by Tony Stevens-Arroyo:  The Monroe County Democratic Committee endorses the Latino agenda for November 2014 as offered by El Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club.  Second by Adam Rodriguez.  Motion carried.

Upcoming events include:

The Eastern Monroe Public Library & FLECHA present
Navidad que viene…
Enjoying the Latino Christmas Carol Tradition of the Villancico & Aguinaldo

Wednesday, December 17th

Hughes Library at 1002 N. 9th Street on Route 611
        6 PM – Gathering
        6:30-7:30 Program
For families with children of all ages and the young of heart.

For additional information contact 570-421-0800 x305

The villancico is a Christmastime tradition that started in 14th century Spain and
lives on in Latin America today with the aguinaldo of Puerto Rico and the posada
traditions in Mexico and Central America. This evening will present this most
recently arrived cultural legacy to the Poconos. Take a musical tour of Spain and
Latin America during the holiday season.



Previous events:

November 15, 2014 - Joint Meeting with FLECHA

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Smithfield

5 PM - 9 PM

Business Meeting followed by a Pot-Luck Supper and social hour


 May 9, 2014 - Mother's Day Vigil. Courthouse Square in Stroudsburg.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

 January 4, 2014 - The Three Kings Day celebration.
The Three Kings Are Coming to Stroudsburg The traditional visit by the Three Kings to the Christ Child found in the bible will be reenacted in Stroudsburg on Saturday, January 4, 2014, with doors opening at 3 PM before the program and ending at 5:30 PM. Organized by FLECHA, the bilingual event will again be held in St. Luke’s Parish Hall on Main Street in Stroudsburg for the third consecutive year, concluding with gifts for children under 12 and refreshments for all.

Featured this year is the dramatization of the entire Christmas story by children members of the Tobyhanna community organized at Most Holy Trinity Parish by the husband and wife team of Marcia and Pepe Muñoz, talented professionals from their native Chile. The event will engage children in traditional villancicos, the Hispanic version of Christmas carols, but the afternoon is meant for all cultures and all ages.

“In Latin America, each of the three kings represented a different race: the Native American, the African and the European,” said Adán Stevens-Díaz, a doctoral student of religion at Temple University and a resident of Penn Estates. Once again, for the FLECHA event, the role of the King of the Indians will be filled by an authentic and local Native American tribal leader, Akitchitay Urayoel. Likewise, the King of Africa will be of African American heritage from Most Holy Trinity and a member of the Polish community at St. Luke’s has been invited to represent the King of Europe this year. “The vision of each of these different races kneeling before the Christ Child represented unity in diversity for Latin American Christians,” observed Professor Stevens-Díaz who has presented a paper on church and race to the American Catholic Historical Association. He added: “It’s a lesson for the USA as well.” The FLECHA celebration is highlighted with the arrival of the Three Kings in full regalia who lead the children in prayer before a representation of the Christ Child in the manger. Afterwards, the kings will give gifts to the children in attendance, since they began the tradition of gift-giving long before Santa Claus.

FLECHA is the acronym of the “Federation of Latinos for Education about the Cultures of Hispanic America.” FLECHA is a volunteer not-for-profit organization located in Monroe County that seeks to educate Latinos and Latinas as well as non-Latinos about the riches of culture. FLECHA has sponsored events at the Monroe Public Library and the local colleges, ESU and NCC, as well as the annual Mothers’ Day Vigil in front of the County Courthouse. FLECHA has gown to nearly a hundred members including members of churches of different denominations and from various political persuasions. Well known through the Poconos’ only Spanish language radio show, Tu Voz con Christina, FLECHA’s goals are: community, progress and cultural freedom. The January 4th event is free and open to the public.

Some photos from this year's wonderful event:


View the embedded image gallery online at:

May 10, 2013 - Mothers' Day Vigil, at the Court House Square in Stroudsburg.  We heard songs about Mothers and reasons why we should be thankful for our mothers and grandmothers.  For more photos see the Photo Gallery.

And see the video from WBRE's coverage of the event

Here is the program from the event

And here is the text of the Ten Challenges that Plague Women Today and the Seven Blessings for Mothers Everywhere.


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El Pueblo Civic and Cultural Club, founded in the Poconos in 2011 to offer a political voice for the Latino population, welcomes President Obama’s Executive Order of November 20, 2014.  God’s law and the Natural Law dictate that children should stay united to their parents.  We praise President Obama for recognizing that the current immigration laws fly in the face of the religious principles upon which the Republic was founded.

            This decisive and bold action of President Obama invokes the time-honored legal principle of “prosecutorial discretion” to benefit as many as 5 million persons who no longer will have to live in the shadows.  He has asserted that family values take precedence in the United States of America because this republic has always cherished immigrants and the talents they bring.  He has challenged Latinos and Latinas to act with accountability and to take personal responsibility for our actions.  This is true to the American tradition that we have embraced and we promise to rise to the President’s expectation.

            We welcome this strong leadership from our president.  We laud his courage in the face of vicious political attacks from his enemies who are also the enemies of our people and the greatest of American traditions.  Just as Abraham Lincoln of Illinois was the Great Emancipator of African Americans by his executive order more than a century ago, history will likely recognize that Barack Obama has earned the title of “Great Emancipator for Latinos and Latinas.”

            While we praise President Obama for acting on our behalf, we express disdain for the irresponsible cowardice of Speaker Boehner in the House of Representatives who did not allow the bi-partisan Senate bill to come to a vote that assuredly would have reflected the will of the American people to reform a broken system.  Likewise, we condemn the angry voices attempting to stigmatize all people of Latin American heritage as “aliens.” As inheritors of the Spanish colonists who tamed the wilderness and built cities in the United States before there was a United States, we proclaim the principle that in our America there is “freedom and justice for all.”  We ask that every person who professes loyalty to the basic principles of American democracy embrace this moment as one of the historic events in our nation’s history.


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