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Phantoms of the SASD

Phantoms of the SASD

1.     Phantom 1:  The budget  The budget has been catapulted into a monster that is now dictating district policy, possibly to the point of reducing  100 or so teachers to 1/3 time.  This is not what budgets are for.  Let’s deconstruct this budget discussion back to what it actually is: a spending proposal, based on our best guess of what our expenditures will be.  It is NOT an obligation to spend.  Some of the line items include inescapable expenses, true.  But it is a tool for administration to keep the district solvent.  It doesn’t dictate policy nor should it become a battering ram used by willful people to promote their agenda.

2.     Phantom 2: The Fund Balance.  The fund balance is not the Arc of the

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Why Parties Matter

Recent local news reports have been rife with coverage of the considerable consternation arising from the actions of the Stroudsburg School Board.  

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