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Blogs are the opinions of the bloggers only, and do not necessarily represent every Democrat or the Monroe County Democrats However, the MCD sponsors this blog to express and share the many ideas within our party.

Mark Lichty is a former CEO of Bustin Industries in East Stroudsburg. He is a political activist and producer of the documentary "Groundswell Rising"

Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo is Professor Emeritus of Brooklyn College, where he taught Puerto Rican and Latino Studies for more than three decades and directed the program in religious studies.  His doctorate is in Catholic Theology and has served as consultant to several US Catholic bishops.  Author of a dozen books and more than 100 scholarly articles, he has been a frequent contributor to Op-Ed pages, Letters to the Editor in a host of newspapers in the US and abroad, in addition to his featured role as author of the blog “Catholic America” for the Washington Post.  Professor Stevens-Arroyo has spoken before the United Nations and committees of the US Congress on issues of human and civil rights.  He is a community activist whose present energies are directed towards the Latinos and Latinas of Monroe County.

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