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The Hobby Lobby Case

            The 5-4 Hobby Lobby decision of the activist Roberts’ Court has written a new law that will allow private for-profit corporations to invoke religious beliefs when determining benefits for their employees.  Like all judicial decisions, this one must be analyzed for both its short-term practical and also its long-term ideological effects. 

            In practical terms, the decision is restricted to only a few family corporations falling within the Court’s narrowly drawn parameters. Although some 90% of US corporations are held by five or fewer owners that is only one part of the requirements imposed by Justice Alito’s majority decision, who added the need for a demonstrated history that the corporation’s economic policy is guided by religious belief.   In the shark-infested economic waters of corporation competition, there are few such religiously defined companies to complicate application of the Affordable Care Act. The court indicated that the Obama Administration has already provided a blue-print for protecting conscience rights while still securing to workers the same access to birth control medical coverage as the majority of the nation.  The implication is that there will be no immediate change to applying the ACA.  

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