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Winning on Ideas: Losing in Votes

            In the 1972 motion picture, The Candidate, a youthful Robert Redford plays a community activist enticed into a campaign against a seemingly invincible sitting Senator.  The campaign manager doing the convincing is the late Peter Boyle who argues that running for office against impossible odds will nonetheless allow the Redford character to voice his progressive ideas to the public.  As Redford reluctantly agrees to run, the Boyle character hands him a slip of paper to remind him of the principle on which the campaign is based.  It consists of two words: “You lose.”

            In Hollywood, the impossible happens and Redford wins.  This did not happen in Monroe County or Pennsylvania or the US last November 4th.  Here at home, I witnessed to Mark Aurand’s demolishment of Mario Scavello in two debates.  The flustered Scavello chickened out of any further embarrassment by shafting the League of Women’s Voters.  Likewise, Maureen Madden exposed the shallow Mr. Parker as a pretender rather than a contender.  Liz Forrest dogged endurance reduced Rosemary Brown to spouting the most meaningless mish-mash of platitudes and bloviation since Warren Harding.  Hope Smith’s logic was buried under a pile of lies on glossy paper from Jack Rader who ran on a platform of raising the income tax (to get rid of the property tax for real estate bigwigs like him) and complaining that his opponent would raise the income tax (for the rich) to lower property taxes for the middle-class. 

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