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Pro-choice is Not the Equivalent of Pro-Abortion

For the good of the Democratic Party it is important to state that being “Pro-Choice” is not the equivalent of being “Pro-Abortion.”  I do not speak for -- but I am one of -- the tens of millions of Democrats who believe elective abortion is the unnecessary taking of human life and is a sin.  Our numbers include elected officials like Congressional Representative Matt Cartwright.   We support the Democratic Party, therefore, not because it is Pro-Abortion, but because it is Pro-Choice.  Our presence in the party of the “big tent” can make the difference between winning elections and losing them.  In fact, Catholics form 61.9% of the faith-confessed voters of Monroe County and our voices need to be heard.

Because “Pro-Choice” does not mean our party opposes parenthood, we ask our fellow Democrats to avoid statements that could be interpreted so as to deny that motherhood is one of the most sacred of blessings in the human experience.  Motherhood is included in -- not rejected by -- the definition of “Pro-Choice.”  We do not deserve bias or condescension as if we were second-class Democrats.  We are modern and tolerant people who know the difference between abortion as a necessary medical procedure that saves lives and elective abortion for less weighty reasons.  We recognize that Roe v. Wade prohibits abortion on demand and that the Hyde Amendment reconciles issues of public payment and individual private choices.

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