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Let's see how we like it.

Dear Trump voters: We’ll find out how much you really like what you voted for when the daughter of a Republican dies from a back-alley abortion… or, your daughter or granddaughter can no longer get affordable birth control.

When the air quality in your city begins to look like Beijing and you wear a mask going to work.

When your favorite gay couple is now declared no longer married, and you, your cousin or nephew goes back in the closet for fear of bullying or worse. When your Muslim doctor’s house is torched .. or your house is torched… oops, mistakes happen.

When your crops are not harvested because the ‘illegals’ have been deported.

When more food is tainted because the funding for the CDC isn’t really important anymore and you get sick from salmonella.

When the seas keep rising and your beach home is flooded, and hurricanes come and there’s no funding for FEMA.

When the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer – no raises in minimum wage for you – you undeserving person with two or three jobs!


And to the 7 million Democrats who didn’t vote:

See how staying home because you just ‘didn’t like her or trust her’ is working out for you, too.



How to Honor the Founding Fathers with the Elector...

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