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No Nazis... ever!

 by Linda Zak
Anyone who buys, sells, owns or shows any kind of Nazi swastika symbol or flag is un-American, and anti-Veteran.  I mention these two issues, because the people who admire the swastika claim to be 'true Americans'.  
Our soldiers fought, suffered and died by the tens of thousands, fighting to rid the world of the evil that symbol represented.   What horrible disrespect to our Veterans, to revere this hateful symbol.
Yet, the flag as recently as last year was displayed at our local fair. It is available upon request still at countless events.
Twelve million civilians of all religions were butchered by the Nazis, a number which includes 6 million Jews. Over 291,500 U.S. Soldiers died during WWII.
We have laws against obscenity; the swastika is an obscenity and I, even as a proponent of free speech, would have no problem with banning it.
Yesterday at the U.N., a resolution to " Condemn the Glorification of Nazism" was opposed by only three countries, and the United States was one of them. Ukraine and Palau were the others.  With the growing rise of Fascism all over the world, now is the time to do all we can to prevent history from repeating itself. 
Today, January 19, 2017
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