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An Important Moment: Khizr Khan's Tribute to Son

Muslim American immigrant Khizr Khan's tribute to his fallen son and war hero was the highlight of the 2016 conventions. While skewering Donald Trump's hate-filled and paranoid anti-immigrant rhetoric, he spoke to the America we love — the country, as inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, that accepts "your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," so many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for their new home.

Trump's response showed the ability of a 3-year-old to restrain his temper and impulses, garnering widespread condemnation even from numerous respected Republican leaders. It reinforced the conviction that Trump lacks the proper temperament to lead the most powerful military force on the planet.

Hillary Clinton's speech was a call to national unity, our need to work together. Contrast that with Trump's claim: "I am your voice. … I alone can fix" America's problems.

This, and numerous other examples of his unparalleled narcissism and braggadocio created the opportunity for former Michigan Gov. Granholm to imagine a Trumpian version of JFK's famous words, "Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me." She concluded, "Donald, you're so vain, you probably think this speech is about you."


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