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Has anyone received any interesting mail today from Stroudsburg’s incumbent school board members?

October 29

We did. There’s so much to say about this, but to keep it (relatively) short:

1) We are very proud to be endorsed by the PSEA because it demonstrates our commitment to strong public schools.  

2) We are the only independent candidates for school board. We have accepted no money from organizations or political parties.  

3) The incumbents prefer to use divisive scare tactics. We're not going to let fear, misinformation, or negative campaigning drive people to the polls.

So why should you (and everyone you know in the district) vote for the Clean Slate on Nov. 7? Because you believe in strong and robust public education and the invaluable contributions of public school employees. Because you want a school board that will be responsible and progressive with your tax dollars. Because you would like to have a voice in shaping our schools. Because you want your school board to represent the diversity and experiences of the school district residents.

We are ready to work for the benefit of all Stroudsburg residents. The Clean Slate entrusts the education and well-being of its members’ own children, from kindergarten through 12th grade, to Stroudsburg schools. We ask for you to trust us and vote for Reincke, Burke, Patterson, and Zeytinoglu on November 7.


-Jim Burke

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