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White House just can’t stop lying

The latest lie blames the Democrats for the government shutdown. This is despite the fact that the Republicans couldn’t even get enough votes from their own party to reach 50%.

Mind you, this isn’t just a talking point. In a completely unprecedented and childish move that is 100% away from “Presidential,” the White House has stopped answering the phone, and people who call get a message blaming the Democrats. I am not making this up.
angry trump

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Talk about a s*#@-hole country

The reason I don’t want to limit emigration from s#&@-hole countries is because we are rapidly becoming one.

I’m shocked that anyone is shocked that Donald Trump called Haiti and other countries “s#@*holes.” The man has used language like this before, he’s said racist things before, he’s bragged about his sexual assaults, he’s called nazis good people — really, where have you all been?

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Has anyone received any interesting mail today from Stroudsburg’s incumbent school board members?

October 29

We did. There’s so much to say about this, but to keep it (relatively) short:

1) We are very proud to be endorsed by the PSEA because it demonstrates our commitment to strong public schools.  

2) We are the only independent candidates for school board. We have accepted no money from organizations or political parties.  

3) The incumbents prefer to use divisive scare tactics. We're not going to let fear, misinformation, or negative campaigning drive people to the polls.

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No Nazis... ever!

 by Linda Zak
Anyone who buys, sells, owns or shows any kind of Nazi swastika symbol or flag is un-American, and anti-Veteran.  I mention these two issues, because the people who admire the swastika claim to be 'true Americans'.  
Our soldiers fought, suffered and died by the tens of thousands, fighting to rid the world of the evil that symbol represented.   What horrible disrespect to our Veterans, to revere this hateful symbol.
Yet, the flag as recently as last year was displayed at our local fair. It is available upon request still at countless events.
Twelve million civilians of all religions were butchered by the Nazis, a number which includes 6 million Jews. Over 291,500 U.S. Soldiers died during WWII.
We have laws against obscenity; the swastika is an obscenity and I, even as a proponent of free speech, would have no problem with banning it.
Yesterday at the U.N., a resolution to " Condemn the Glorification of Nazism" was opposed by only three countries, and the United States was one of them. Ukraine and Palau were the others.  With the growing rise of Fascism all over the world, now is the time to do all we can to prevent history from repeating itself. 
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Today, January 19, 2017

Today is the last full day that Barack Obama will be my president. No matter who was coming into office, I would have been filled with a deep sense of sadness. This man embodies the values I most hold dear – intellectual curiosity, strong sense of family, deep compassion for the suffering of others, a sense of humor, a strong and steady hand amidst the maelstrom of politics, and a willingness to discuss complex issues without minimizing them into soundbites. I would have liked him to be more boldly progressive, but I admire his willingness to acknowledge that by winning in 2008 with 53% of the vote and 2012 with 51% of the vote, he also had to represent the close-to-half of Americans who did not vote for him. Say what you will about him, but don't call him an ideologue. A pragmatist, yes, and one who soldiered on every day despite unprecedented obstruction, resistance and bald-faced disrespect. And despite all of that resistance, he retained his deep-seated faith in the basic goodness of Americans and a commitment to the democratic principles outlined in the Constitution he spent years teaching.

He was ridiculed for being a community organizer rather than a career politician or an opportunistic and wealthy businessman, like most of the other people who run for office. Ridiculed for getting out into the neighborhoods and talking to people and motivating them to engage. Ridiculed for the audacity of his hope.

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